Extending Workflow

Deis Workflow is an open source project which wouldn't be here without the amazing skill and enthusiasm of the community that has grown up around it. Several projects have blossomed which extend Workflow in various ways.

These links are to community-contributed extensions of Deis Workflow. Deis makes no guarantees about the functionality, security, or code contained within. As with any software, use with caution in a production environment.

Workflow Community Projects

  • alea is a backing services manager for Deis Workflow, providing easy access to PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, and memcached.
  • deisdash is a web-based UI supporting many user and app actions without need of the deis command-line interface.
  • deis-cleanup is a Deis-friendly, configurable approach to purging unneeded Docker containers and images.
  • deis-global-config-plugin stores config values in Vault for easy use in Workflow apps.
  • deis-node is a controller API client for a browser in NodeJS.
  • deis-ui is the beginning of a full client-side dashboard that interfaces with the controller API.
  • deis-workflow-aws simplifies installing Workflow on Amazon Web Services, backed by S3 and using ECR as the container registry.
  • deis-workflow-gke simplifies installing Workflow on Google Container Engine, backed by Google Cloud Storage and using gcr.io as the container registry.
  • deis-workflow-ruby contains Workflow controller API bindings for Ruby programming.
  • heroku-to-deis migrates existing Heroku applications to the Workflow platform.
  • kube-solo-osx creates a zero-to-Kubernetes development environment for macOS in under two minutes, with specific support for installing Workflow with Helm or Helm Classic.

Are we missing something? Please open a documentation pull request to add it.